The English Speaking Circle Starzach


Landkreise Freudenstadt, Rottweil, Tübingen und Zollernalb

The English speaking Circle Starzach and Landkreise Freudenstadt, Rottweil, Tübingen an Zollernalb Has existed now for 20 years and is conceived as a friendly social club, which offers, once a month, in a relaxed atmosphere the opportunity to converse and discuss in English and thus to speak and hear  English spoken. This is important not only for people, whose Mother Tongue is not English, but also for long term  Expatriates from all countries, where English is an Official Language.

We meet twice a month in Catering Establishments, which have a separate room, where we can be on our own and hear one-another properly and can order what we each want to eat and drink at a reasonable price. Due to the Law concerning such establishments, Members must be at least18 years old; there is no upper limit. However from time-to-time, teenagers under 18, do attend meetings in the company of their parents or another responsible adult.

The Circle started in Starzach, which lies on verge of Landkreis Tübingen, where it borders on the administrative districts Freudenstadt and Zollernalb. Since 2010 we now also have Members in Landkreis Rottweil and thus we have added Rottweil to our Title and created a new Logo. The majority of our Members are German, but some of them qualify as “Native Speakers”, because they have lived, gone to school, studied ore worked so long in English speaking Countries such as Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, South Africa ore the USA; when they speak English and you did not know, that they are German, you would think, that they are Native Speakers.


English Speaking Circle

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