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Landkreise Freudenstadt, Rottweil, Tübingen und Zollernalb


The Englishspeaking Circle Starzach and Landkreise Freudenstadt, Rottweil, Tübingen and Zollernalb has been in existence now for more than 30 years. It is conceived as a friendly social club, which offers the opportunity to converse and discuss in English in a relaxed atmosphere. This is of interest not only for those whose mother tongue is not English, but also for expatriates from countries where English is the official language.

We meet twice a month, on Friday evenings or Saturdays at midday, in hotels or restaurants offering good food at a reasonable price and with a separate room where we can talk and listen undisturbed. Our meeting places are well distributed within the four Landkreise, so there is no need to cover long distances in order to attend. We also hold occasional events, such as a barbecue, excursion or Christmas party, on a one-off basis.

In 1994 the Englishspeaking Circle was founded by Kevin McInerney-May in Starzach, which lies on the edge of Landkreis Tübingen (TÜ) and borders on the administrative districts Freudenstadt (FDS) and Zollernalb (ZA). Since 2010 we also have some members in Landkreis Rottweil (RW), so we have added Rottweil to our name and created a new logo, a circle held within four corners.

The majority of our members are Germans with a reasonable command of spoken English, though some of them can almost be considered "native speakers" because they have lived, gone to school, studied or worked for a long time in an English speaking country. Anyone interested in keeping up their spoken English is welcome to come to our meetings - up to three times on a trial basis before deciding whether to join the Englishspeaking Circle. Membership is on a yearly basis but the organisation is very relaxed and there is no attendance requirement.

For further information please contact

Roland Erk: Tel. 0152/ 24824236 or mail to

Details of the next month's meetings also appear in many Parish Newsletters (Amtsblätter/Gemeindeblätter) and in the local newspapers.

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